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Luca Fagundes founded Luca L. Fagundes Attorney & Counselor at Law in January 2011. He specializes in Immigration Law and Criminal Defense of immigrants, specifically focusing on Deportation Defense, Family-Based Immigration, Immigration-related appeals, and Criminal Defense of non-US citizens.

Attorney Fagundes immigrated to the United States at the age of 9. Reflecting on his own experiences, Attorney Fagundes is able to fully understand his clients' needs. Attorney Fagundes is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


While attending the University of Wisconsin Law School, Attorney Fagundes was a student attorney with the Wisconsin Innocence Project, where he was given the chance to work directly with criminal defendants with claims of innocence. In that position, he worked closely with experienced legal professors and practitioners to analyze claims of innocence based on various topics including: false confessions, DNA evidence, bite-mark evidence, and eye-witness mis-identification.


During his final year of law school, Attorney Fagundes was a student attorney with the Criminal Appeals Project at the University of Wisconsin's Frank J. Remington Center. With this experience, Attorney Fagundes further developed a passion for helping and assisting criminal defendants, especially those with language needs barriers and those found to be indigent.

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Attorney Fagundes has represented clients in the U.S. Federal District Courts, Federal Immigration Court in Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and Cleveland, OH, as well as the Wisconsin Circuit Courts and the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.


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